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Mid-Week Music #42 - One Ring To Rule Them All

Last week, we went to Edward McKay’s, a used bookstore, after Bible Study. Among books and Lego figures and such, we also bought a game called Lord of the Rings Risk. Today, we started our first game!
In case you don’t know, Risk is a strategy game, in which—depending on the version you play—you may try to conquer the entire gameboard or a certain amount of territories by a certain time. In our household, a game may take days to complete. And also in our household, the catchphrase of my brother, William, has become “Let’s play Risk!”
In Lord of the Rings Risk, you must take over as many territories as possible before the “Fellowship” (represented by a ring) passes out of Middle Earth. There are special cards giving you advantages or abilities that you can use against other players (called Adventure Cards). However, since about half of the potential players in our household have not read Lord of the Rings, we might have to start playing regular Risk with just the board and pieces of Lord…

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