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Janitorial Schedule Issues

I should’ve seen this coming.

Well, readers—however many (or more likely, few) of you there are—I’ve rediscovered a simple fact about myself. I am a slow writer. If I focus, I can get more done, but distractions have been rather abundant lately. And I’ve been horrible about saying no to some of them.
But distractions aside, I really am a slow writer, and my parents have pointed out that there’s no way I can put out one of these Last Janitor posts every week. So I’m taking their advice, and taking my schedule down a notch.
As of now, Last Janitor posts will come out every other Friday. This means that there won’t be one this week. Sorry if this causes any of my (four) readers inconvenience.
I know I did another post like this just a couple of weeks ago, but here’s a picture for you to look at, nonetheless. Actually, this one is more of a meme. But it does have to do with both Star Wars and Adventures in Odyssey:

And isn’t he right? Of course, The Blackgaard Chronicles helps with that proble…

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