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On the Road Home, Keep Christmas, Lose the Self

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know John C. Wright as the writer of The Last Straw blog series (which ended back in November). If not, I will tell you first that Wright is a writer on the Right (ha!). He began the Last Crusade movement—I talked about it in my First Ever Blogpost and my recent Blogoversary Post. He’s a very good writer, and I read his blog on occasion.
Almost exactly a year ago—a year ago yesterday, in fact—I read an article of his. Part of it was on his blog, but he also included a link to the rest, posted on a Rightwing site called Dangerous. Just like I’m including a link to his post. Click them both. It will be well worth your while.

The only point wherein I differ from him is this: our three film versions of A Christmas Carol are the 1970 musical, the 2009 Disney version, and now the recent The Man Who Invented Christmas (though if that’s ineligible, Mickey’s Christmas Carol). I ha…

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