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Mid-Week Music #41 - Spirit: Riding Free Theme Song

Well, I sort of skipped last week, didn’t I? But I had to post something this week, because it’s the week of my sister’s birthday!
If any of you have been reading my blog for a long time, you may remember the Mid-Week Music for her birthday last year. If not, check it out. It’s very catchy. This MWM is very different from that one, though no less catchy. It gets stuck in your head just as easily.
The song I’m talking about is the theme song to the Netflix series, Spirit: Riding Free. It’s one of the few Netflix Originals worth letting your kids (or siblings) watch at all. It follows the adventures of a girl named Lucky Prescott, her wild stallion, Spirit, and her friends in the Old West town of Miradero. Despite some annoying feminist leanings (which seem to be everywhere nowadays), it’s a pretty okay show.
There have been… oh, goodness, maybe six or seven seasons so far. My sisters are slightly obsessed with it. No, I said slightly, Abi! That’s not—oh, never mind.  ;)

On a related note, …

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