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To the Anarchists

Chesterton once said that the anarchists did not want to abolish government, but to abolish God.  It is plain that you, the revolutionaries of our day - who despise the distinctions God set in place and prefer those of their own making, who would gladly ignore the image built into each human being if that being falls under the wrong distinction - are no different.  No matter the name you go by, you are anarchists. It is God that you have truly set your sights on. No mere politicians, no groups, no systems. At your core, your goal is nothing less than the death of the Creator.  You fools! You want to abolish God? Then look! Look to the Hill, ye mighty, and despair! For God has already been destroyed. Your kind killed Him long ago. Death has eaten Him up entirely, and now, it is dying of Him. God was obliterated upon the Cross, and now, He Himself raises it up as His standard of victory. Where, then, is your hope, if the abolished God rules us yet? Written on Good Friday, 2021.

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